Can you briefly describe the hobbit's house?

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Bilbo's house is described in lavish detail in the opening pages of the book. It is said to have a round door, painted bright green, which led into a hole. Importantly, the hole is neither too wet nor too dry, nor is it empty — the defining feature of a hobbit hole is comfort, and accordingly Bilbo's hobbit hole is fully furnished, tiled and carpeted and with wallpaper and fittings as you would expect in any other house. Built into the side of the hill in a series of tunnels, the house is like a bungalow, all on one level, and includes bedrooms, pantries, bathrooms, wardrobes, dining rooms, and so on. There are many many rooms in the hobbit's house, and lots of pegs for people to hang their hats and coats on, because Bilbo is fond of receiving visitors. Only rooms on the left side (going in) have windows, because these are on the outside of the hill.

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