Why was 1675 a turning point in American history?

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The year 1675 was a turning point in United States History. Due to a series of conflicts between the British and the Native Americans, the British came to the conclusion that the Native Americans would constantly be a problem for the British. As a result, most Native Americans tribes aligned themselves with the French. France and Great Britain were rivals and often fought against each other. In the mid-1750s, France and Britain fought a war called the Seven Years War. The portion of that war that was fought in North America was known as the French and Indian War. In this conflict, the French and most Native American tribes fought the British. France was defeated in this war, and as a result of the peace treaty ending the war, France gave most of its land in North America east of the Mississippi River to Great Britain. This allowed the colonies to remain in British control. After this war, Britain began to pass various laws that upset the colonists, and this eventually led to events causing the Revolutionary War. Thus, the events of 1675 eventually led to events causing the Revolutionary War and the creation of our country.

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