Why did Osama Bin Laden target the United States?

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Osama-bin Laden disagreed with the American way of life.  He did not like American consumerism or its immodest values.  He did not like its secular nature.  He also did not approve of its foreign policy of meddling in the Middle East to ensure its oil supply.  Finally, he disapproved of the formation of the Israeli state and therefore hated America as one of Israel's most vital allies.  Bin-Laden was part of a group of radical fundamentalists who believed that the best government was controlled via Sharia law.  His attacks against monuments to American capitalism and American military might on September 11 were meant to send a statement--that the Middle East could find vulnerabilities in Western might.  Bin-Laden, a Saudi by birth, hid on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan during the early stages of the Global War on Terror where he organized extremist groups via the internet to attack Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and at various embassies throughout the Middle East and Africa.  

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