Who were the gods of the Middle and New Kingdom in ancient Egypt?

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The Middle Kingdom of Egypt begins in 2050 BCE and the New Kingdom ends in 1069 BCE.

With the exception of a short period of time during the middle of the 1300s BCE, when Amenhotep IV banished all other gods except Atum (the early god of creation), the people of Egypt were polytheistic, i.e., they worshipped many gods and goddesses. Also, these divinities had both human and animal aspects.

Anubis, for example, had the head of a jackal. If preparing a mummy was your task, then Anubis was your patron divinity as he presided over those sort tasks.

Hathor, on the other hand, was a female with the head of a cow. In her aspect as a cow, she gave nourishment to Egypt's leader. Hathor is also associated with love.

Another famous Egyptian divinity is Horus, who has a falcon's head and is the son of Isis (the mother) and Osiris (the father). Horus lost his eye while avenging his father, whom Set killed. Osiris, by the way, was a god associated with the Nile River and with death.

Many other Egyptian divinities exist and you can find out more about them from the links I have listed. Perhaps, though, the divinity that we should mention, and the one that may have prompted this question is the ruler of Egypt, the pharaoh, who was worshipped as the incarnation of Ra/Re (the sun god), and his queen, who was worshipped as the incarnation of Isis (the moon goddess).

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