Who is Scott Adams?

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Scott Adams is a cartoonist and author. Adams became well known in the late 1980s as the creator of the comic strip Dilbert. He has an MBA from the University of California Berkeley's Haas School. In recent years his political activism has gained attention. Adams also became an outspoken advocate for aiding addicts in 2018 when he publicly disclosed the loss of a family member to opioid use.

Dilbert is an office worker who occupies a cubicle. He has become a popular cultural icon of the contemporary, often confused worker. Adams expanded on the management principles that undergird the strip in a book, The Dilbert Principle.

Although Adams had previously claimed repeatedly to be apolitical, he later said his political leanings were far left. In 2016, however, before the U.S. presidential election, he predicted that Donald Trump would win and then endorsed him.

In October 2018, Adams revealed that his stepson had died from fentanyl, and he reached out for people to support assistance to drug users in need such as through hotlines.

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