Who were the participants in the Massy Family murder and what were their social statuses?

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In February 1915, an English maid named Carrie Davies shot and killed Charles "Bert" Massey as Massey was returning to his house in Toronto, Canada. Davies, who was 18 at the time, told the police that Massey had tried to rape her the day before. Davies was from a working-class British family; her father had died when she was a teenager, and she went to work in Canada to support her mother, who was partially blind, and her three younger sisters. Massey, on the other hand, was from a well-to-do family who owned a company that manufactured farm equipment.

The criminal trial that ensued gained a great deal of public attention. Davies's lawyer defended her as a virtuous young woman whose employer had repeatedly made advances towards her and who, like other young domestics, had no way to protect herself. The jury found her not guilty after only a half-hour deliberation. Davies later married a Canadian farmer, with whom she lived in modest circumstances and had two children before her death in 1961. 

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