What's an example of a technological advance made by Stone Age humans?

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Stone tools are one example of a technological advance made by stone-age humans.

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Despite the popular culture image of stone age humans as hopeless primitives, people during the prehistoric era made a great deal of technological advances, with fire, clothing, and agriculture being the most obvious among them. Stone tools were also a significant advance in that regard. Some have even argued that stone tools are among the earliest pieces of evidence of human culture across the board. They are so durable that much evidence of them still remains while other traces of stone-age cultures do not.

Hammerstones are one such stone age tool. They were usually made of limestone or sandstone, often used to break open seeds, mineral ores, and nuts. Early humans could also grind pigment into clay with them. Other stone tools were developed from flint, obsidian, and basalt. Early humans made more sophisticated tools with these materials over time, such as sickles, hand axes, chisels, and knives.

Stone tools are strong, making them ideal for the nomadic lifestyles of several human groups. Stone was also easily found and scavenged, so stone-age humans were never in want for them. While stone would eventually become displaced by metalworking and bronze, it was a vital resource for early humans and an important component of technological evolution.

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