What were the three social and battle phases of the American Revolution?

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I would think that if your instructor has used the notions of social and battle phases in their instruction, this would be a good guide for you.  In my mind, I would say that the protests and boycotts in the wake of the Stamp Act would constitute one particular social phase of the American Revolution.  I think that the Boston Tea Party would be another social phase, as it showed a greater level of resistance and action the Colonists took.  In my mind, I think that the formation of the First and Second Continental Congresses would be one of the last social phases as both helped to galvanize the Colonial effort in the need for pursuing war as a reality against the British.  I think that in terms of the battle phases, Bunker Hill would be one moment where the Colonists proved that they had the capacity to equal the British effort from a military point of view.  Valley Forge and Saratoga demonstrated how the will and desire of the Colonists to see a military victory through would constitute two other phases, while the battle of Yorktown would mark the decisive and final phase of the Revolution.

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