What were the key social, political, and economic changes in African American life from 1776 to 1890?

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The most significant changes in African American life would be in the era of Reconstruction after the Civil War. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment of this era would be the most important political changes. 13th amendment abolishing slavery, 14th amendment granting African Americans citizenship, and the 15th amendment giving them the right to vote.  The most important social changes would be on the positive side African Americans were now free and able to have jobs, own land, and vote.  On the negative side such laws as the black codes that were created in the South denied African Americans certain rights such as owning weapons, leasing land, having certain jobs, voting, and traveling freely.  The most important economic changes is the fact that slavery ended, it created a economic burden on the South mostly for plantation owners.  African Americans were now able to have jobs and produce their own income, more so later in this era, and more so in the North.  More African Americans were becoming professionals and were able to buy land, shop, and own businesses.  Overall the Reconstruction time period displays the most change in the African American community.

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