What was Ramses II's greatest achievement?

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Ramses II, or Ramses the Great, is regarded as the greatest, most powerful, and most productive pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. At just ten years old, his father made him a Captain of the Army, and as an adult he led a number of successful military excursions around the Middle East. He also expanded the scope of Egyptian trade and brought great wealth to the country. One of the criteria by which a pharaoh was judged was how much building they commissioned and completed during their reign. In his time, as well as in our own, Ramses may be considered exceptional by this standard. He had a number of temples, palaces, statues, and tombs built, many of which stand to this day. Not only was the number of his public works impressive, but also the fact that everything he commissioned was absolutely huge! He also made sure that on everything Ramses II commissioned to be built, there were inscriptions stating that he ordered it to be built and had all sorts of other accomplishments. It could be said that his greatest success was in being such an effective public works administrator and ensuring that his name would not be lost to the ages.

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