What was life like in Inca society?

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This is a very broad question.  I would recommend that you follow the link that I have provided below.  It will give you a great deal of information on the daily lives of people in the Inca Empire.

Of course, the vast majority of the people who made up Inca society were what we might call lower class people who had very hard lives.  Basically, their lives were made up of hard work that they had to do all day, almost every day of the year.  For example, the common people in the Inca Empire were expected to do work for the government and for the temples of their religion.  They had to finish this work before they could do work for themselves.

The Inca commoners did have some time off to have fun.  But it was mostly state-sponsored fun.  The government put on festivals and things like that and people had to go to them. Scholars argue that these were meant to help make the people be less unhappy about all the work they had to do.

Again, you should follow the link because it has a great deal of useful information about all aspects of Inca culture.

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