What was the Neo-Babylonians' greatest political achievement?

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The greatest political achievement for Neo-Babylonians was creating a prosperous city. Under Nebuchadnezzar II, Babylon was expanded to include the old Assyrian empire. He managed to unite the people by convincing them that they were descendants of the once powerful Babylonian empire. As proof, Nebuchadnezzar II commisioned the construction of the Ishtar gate using building materials from the old empire. He continued with his plans and fenced the entire city to protect it from outside attacks. The Neo-Babylonians also had a fully functional port that allowed traders to ship their goods to other parts of the world. In addition, women were given the same rights as men and they could own and operate businesses. This made sure that the economy within the walls was stable, and that is what made Neo-Babylonia so powerful and influential at the time.

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The greatest political achievement of the neo-Babylonian Empire was urban planning.  Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest king in the history of Mesopotamia. He built Babylon into the greatest city on Earth at the time.  It was his goal to relive the greatness of Babylon that existed a thousand years earlier under Hammurabi.  Under Nebuchadnezzar Babylon became a center of learning and science with a magnificent ziggurat and a paved main avenue.  Nebuchadnezzar oversaw the building of gates and walls to protect the city. It is said that Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Ishtar Gate served as the entrance to the city.  Nebuchadnezzar utilized the resources of his kingdom to invest in a safe and prosperous capital city for his subjects.  

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What is the political achievement of the Babylonians?

Babylon has one of the greatest empires that ever established in the history. It is believed to be part of the modern day Iraq. Babylon has a Monarchical structure where a king is ruling the entire land, having a direct authority over his comrades. Babylonian empire contributed much on the history regarding the political system. 

Code of Hammurabi - is a well-preserved law code written about 1772 BC. This is one of the oldest significant writings in the world written by the sixth Babylonian King Hammurabi. In general, this code contains the law that the people should follow punishments, curses, appointments and organizations of the political system. This also includes the consequences of actions which are assessed and measured by appointed judges. Some parts of it also include the proper worshipping of their gods. The code is written in Akkadian language scribed in eight feet black monument.

Jewish exile - (597 BC) It is the time when Jews migrated from the land of Judah to the Babylon area. The Babylonian empire ruled over the Israelites, destroying their old temples and forcing them to submit to the Babylon laws. Some part of this was written in the bible and supported by historical facts and records. In this time, the Babylon Empire is a strong empire thus giving a large contribution in arts, astronomy, medicine, mathematics and literature. 

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