What were the goals of the Citizens Party?

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The Citizens Party was a very small party that organized itself in 1980 and was gone by 1987.  It was a liberal party that was concerned mainly with environmental issues but was also anti-capitalist.

The party's founder, Barry Commoner, was a scientist and environmental activist.  He proposed, for example, that the US should stop using fossil fuels.  In addition, very much like Occupy Wall St and even to some extent like the Tea Party, the Citizens Party was concerned with the impact of big business on politics.  It wanted to end the system that, to it, ruled for the benefit of big businesses rather than for the people.  The party never got much of the vote and it soon disbanded with many of its followers becoming members of the Green Party.

So, the goals of the Citizens Party were environmental conservation and the creation of a system that would not be dominated by big business interests.

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