Can you provide an example of nationalism in Egypt from 2010-2011?

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One example of nationalism in Egypt from 2011 was the violence that erupted in Tahrir Square. Protesters were there to decry the military-backed Egyptian government and to agitate for free elections. Their aspiration was for governmental accord with their desires for and dreams of democracy (as opposed to militarism) and a strong, robust and expanding economy. 

By the second day of the protests, the square was held only by extremists who engaged the riot police with Molotov cocktails and thrown stones. Police assaulted them with tear gas and rubber bullets. Still, the numbers of injured and dead rose despite the police not using live bullets.

After a hiatus, the protesters regrouped and surged from side streets onto the square again. Religious rivals targeted each other as Sharias, Coptic Christians and Muslims denounced each other threatening to disrupt Egypt's multireligous balance. This upsurgence of protest for and against sought after and despised objects of desire or repulsion was a demonstration of the nationalism in Egypt (Ellen Lust, CNN).

  • Nationalism: a common spirit of aspirations for a whole country; devotion and loyalty for one's country. (Random House Dictionary)

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