What were the outcomes of the Sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem?

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The Sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem occurred during the First Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land. The crusaders first lay siege to Antioch, which lay north of Palestine and was an important city due to its central location between Europe and the Holy Land. The siege lasted from October 1097 to June 1098, when the Muslims surrendered. Many crusaders died during the siege, but they successfully gained control of the strategic location.

The Siege of Jerusalem took place from June-July 1099. On July 14, the crusaders successfully breached the walls and began to pour into the city, where they brutally slaughtered many of its Muslim inhabitants. With Jerusalem now under Christian control, the crusaders considered their expedition a success. They organized the city into the First Kingdom of Jerusalem, which became one of the first "crusader states." The Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted until 1187, when it was conquered by Saladin and his Muslim army.

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