Which regions in the United States have abundant natural resources?

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The United States has been blessed with many natural resources. These resources can be found in different parts of the country.

One resource the United States has is coal. Coal can be found in the region near the Appalachian Mountains and in Wyoming. The availability of coal helped the Industrial Revolution grow in the United States.

Another abundant resource in the United States is farmland. The Midwest is known for its farm fields where lots of corn and wheat are grown. There are also a lot of dairy farms in the region.

Gold and silver were discovered in the West. Many people went to California, Nevada, and Colorado looking for deposits of gold or silver. Some people discovered these minerals and became rich. Most, however, didn’t and remained poor. Even big businesses got into the mining rush.

Oil and natural gas are other resources we have. Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico are regions where oil is found.

Timber is another resource found in the United States. The Pacific Northwest is known for its vast areas of forests.

Finally, there are regions in the United States where fishing is important. In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, of the Gulf of Mexico, and of the Pacific Ocean, many different kinds of fish can be found. Fishing is one of the main jobs in these regions.

The United States has many different resources found in different areas of the country.

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