What issues has South Africa faced since the end of apartheid?

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There are at least three major problems facing South Africa today, almost twenty years since the end of the apartheid era. 

First, there are economic problems.  The country is still one of the richest in Africa, but it is not progressing economically as well as might have been hoped.  In particular, it continues to have severe problems with poverty.  The problems of poor South Africans can be seen in the recent events in which striking miners were shot by police with many of them dying.  The police then tried to fake evidence to show the miners had been armed.

Second, there are major problems with crime.  This may be in part because of the economic problems.  Many better-off South Africans of all races live in gated communities out of fear of crime. 

Finally, there is the problem of declining democracy.  The African National Congress has enjoyed one party rule since the end of apartheid.  What is worrying is that it seems to be trying to perpetuate that through non-democratic means. 

Even so long after the end of apartheid, there are many problems in South Africa.

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