What impact does popular culture have on society?

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Popular culture is a reflection of the contemporary values and events that are important to society.  Television is a reflection of what people value.  During the 1970s, after a decade of racial tension, people wanted to see more diversity on tv.  Shows like Good Times and The Jeffersons became quite popular.  There were also shows that demonstrated how older white Americans felt about the diversity of the nation--shows like All in the Family.  Songs are important pieces of popular culture too--Neil Young was one of my singers from the 1960s who was able to successfully question the Vietnam War through his music.  Books are another example of popular culture reflecting on society--The Great Gatsby served as a reflection on the materialism of the 1920s, while Silent Spring was a critique of the use of pesticides during the 1960s.  One of the fastest growing trends in history today is the study of how popular culture trends reflect the values of that particular time period.  

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