How did the Qing in China and the Tokugawa in Japan consolidate their rule in terms of economy, government, and society?

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This is a good question. The first sentence can set a great tone for the whole essay and cause the reader to want to read on. If you are looking at the Qing dynasty and the Tokugawa shogunate, then there are many different strategies. Let me list a few.

First, you can set up a contrast between the two. A conditional sentence might be a good start. The benefit of this approach is that you bring to topic right in view and cause the reader to think. Here is an example: "If the Qing dynasty came to power through military prowess, then the Tokugawa shogunate did so even more."

Second, you can always go with a general statement first and then narrow your discussion. How about this sentence. "Empires rise and fall, but the way they rise requires explanation. This paper will examine the Qing dynasty and the Tokugawa shogunate and more importantly their rise to power."

Good luck.

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