What were the goals of the 1860 Republican party platform?

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By 1860 the biggest issue ion America was slavery. U.S. Representative from Illinois Abraham Lincoln won the Republican Party's nomination at its second convention and defeated Democratic Party challenger Stephen Douglas. The platform emphasized equality, abolition of slavery and preserving the Union.

Republicans for Lincoln opposed expansion of slavery in western territories while favoring civil rights for African American slaves. The party supported the admission of Kansas as a new "free state." Kansas was admitted to the Union in 1861. Another main component of the platform was the Homestead Act, which allowed individuals to acquire free land from the government in exchange for cultivating it.

The platform contained 17 clauses, each one dealing with issues of the time period leading up to the Civil War. The opening clauses established the need for a new party to counter the Democratic Party, in which states threatened to secede from the Union. The platform further criticized the corruption of the current Democratic administration, headed by President James Buchanan. Republicans also called for the expansion of the railroad system to reach the Pacific Coast.

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