Should we embrace the perspective of nationalism suggested in the following source regarding Quebec's sovereignty?

"The true intention of the Bloc leader and the sovereignist camp is perfectly clear. It is not to recognize what the Québécois are, but what the sovereignists would like them to be. To the Bloc, the issue is not that Quebec is a nation--the National Assembly has already pronounced on that; the issue is separation. To them," nation" means "separation". The real question is simple: do the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada? The answer is yes. Do the Québécois form a nation independent from Canada? The answer is no, and it will always be no."

Expert Answers

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This source is saying that the idea of "nation" should not be taken to mean the same thing as "country."  In other words, people of one "nation" should be able to live together in a country with people of other "nations."  The source says that, for this reason, the Quebecois should not try to separate from Canada.  Instead, they should be content to be a distinct "nation" within the country of Canada.

Personally, I agree with this.  I think that people of all ethnic groups and nationalities need to be able to live together.  But many people think that it is important for each "nation' to have its own country.

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