What conclusions can you draw about the role of women, work, and family in the US from 1950-2000?

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When it comes to the role of women in American society, these decades were been a time of tremendous change.

In the 1950s, women were expected to stay at home.  The view of an ideal woman was that she did not work outside the home but, instead, spent her time caring for her husband and children.  We should note that this was not really how things were.  Many women had to work out of economic necessity.  Some women were becoming discontented with their roles.  Nonetheless, there was this vision of what an ideal woman should be like.

By 2000, this had changed drastically.  By this time, it was almost expected that women would have some sort of a career outside the home.  Women were not (and still are not) seen as equal to men in every way, but they were generally expected to have careers as men do.  One thing that did not change, however, was the idea that women were still supposed to bear the majority of the burden of work at home.  Women were still expected to be the primary caregiver for children and the primary workers at home.  This led to something of an expectation that women should be “supermoms” who would have careers and still act like full-time stay at home moms in terms of what they did with their houses and children.

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