How would you compare Tang China to another pre-1500 C.E. civilization?

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When the Han dynasty fell in 220 C.E., the country fell into complete disorder and it wasn't clear if there would ever be unity again in China. Clans waged war, important figures in the politics of the regions were assassinated so invaders from other lands took advantage and exploited the chaotic situation. for four confused centuries. The next three Kingdoms couldn't build upon the achievements of the earlier Chinese cultural society. The Tang dynasty's rise in China can be compared to the rise of the Han 800 years before in terms of similarities in leaders and their belief in the power of emperors as rulers. The Tang dynasty was also born following the collapse of a ruthless leader and like the Han dynasty before them, the Tang dynasty had it's own strong ruler - Emperor Tai-tsung.

Emperor Kao-tsu carried on with Sui dynasty arrangements granting equal shares of land to every farmer in return for set taxes and he reinforced local government control. He was responsible for the new monetary system using copper  and silk. He devised a set of laws to keep everything running smoothly.

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