What are the major points of the Nazi Party’s 25-point Program?

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The major points of the Nazi Party's 25-point Program were those that would determine how the Nazis would act when they came to power.

For instance, Point 1 states the desire to unify all German-speaking peoples into one Greater Germany. This expansionist foreign policy would eventually precipitate the outbreak of World War II.

The substance of the first point is repeated in the third, which calls for more colonies and land to feed Germany's population. This is an expression of Lebensraum, the idea that Germany needed to expand in order to provide more land and resources for its people.

The most significant of the 25 points was one that the Nazis had every intention of implementing. Point 4 states that “Only Germans can be citizens. No Jew can be a German." This expression of the Nazis' virulent anti-Semitism was put into effect through discriminatory legislation that gradually stripped German Jews of their rights.

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