Was Aaron Burr a traitor or a patriot?

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Aaron Burr was devoted to American independence.  He was considered a Patriot because of his beliefs on independence.  Before and during the Revolutionary War, citizens of the Thirteen Colonies were generally considered Loyalists or Patriots.  Loyalists remained loyal to King George III, while Patriots wanted independence from England.  Patriots sometimes considered Loyalists to be traitors.  Loyalists and citizens of England often considered the Patriots to be traitors.  Aaron Burr was a Patriot, but those loyal to the King would have considered him a traitor.

The Revolutionary War began, and Aaron Burr was promoted until he became a lieutenant colonel in the Continental Army.  He served under George Washington and other prominent generals.  Due to his health, Burr retired, but still took part in intelligence missions.  He became a lawyer and later a politician.  He eventually served as Vice President of the United States under Thomas Jefferson.  Burr's beloved wife, Theodosia, was also devoted to the cause of American Independence.

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