Which statement is true about the Republican Party during the Depression?

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The correct answer is A. Republicans were blamed for the Depression, as Herbert Hoover was a Republican President. They did not expect to maintain control; in fact there was something of a feeling of doom which pervaded the Republican nominating convention of 1932. Even though the Republicans re-nominated Hoover, no one seriously believed he had a chance. The issue of whether they had responsibility for the Depression is problematic. Hoover did quite a bit to solve the problems of the depression, but none worked, and he was rather stubborn about "volunteerism," and "rugged individualism." Rightly or wrongly, people called shantytowns of homeless people Hoovervilles; a newspaper for a blanket as a "Hoover Blanket" and an out-turned empty pocket a "Hoover Flag." In the election of 1932, Roosevelt not only won by a sizable margin; but a substantial Democratic majority was elected to Congress. It was this Congressional Majority that allowed FDR to push through his many programs during the "Hundred Days."

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat, so choice "C" is obviously wrong. Choice D need not even be considered.

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