Reflect on Hamilton's role in ensuring economic strength and stability.

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I assume that when you ask us to "reflect on" Hamilton, you are asking why he was of "central importance" to the economic strength and stability of the US.  If so, I would argue that Hamilton's ideas of assuming the states' debts, of tariffs, and of a national bank did a great deal to ensure that the US would grow into an economically stable country.

By having the federal government assume the state debts, Hamilton ensured that the US would have the ability to borrow money.  This allowed the government to do more things to, for example, create infrastructure like roads.

By setting up a system of tariffs, Hamilton protected infant industries in the US from foreign competition.  This allowed the US to become industrialized.

Finally, the idea of a national bank was very important.  This would allow government funds to circulate and stimulate the economy.  It would also be able to make sure that the currency would remain sound and money would not suffer from excessive inflation.

All of these things were Hamilton's ideas and all of them helped to strengthen and stabilize the US economy.

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