How would you characterize Marsilio Ficino's neoplatonic philosophy? Can you name three poems by different female poets that describe love in a neoplatonic fashion?

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The Platonic Theology, written in several volumes between 1469 and 1474, presented Marsilio Ficino’s philosophy. In this work, he argues the immortality of the human soul. He revises the Neoplatonic hierarchy of being, believing that the soul is located between God and matter. He concludes that human distress is caused by a disconnect in the divine nature of the soul and the earthly body.

Ficino believes that love links all things together and that it first flowed from God. He compares love to a spiritual connection where humans share their souls. In his writings, he also compares love to beauty.

When selecting poems, you will want to look for a poem that describes love in a transcendent manner— love that connects two people in an almost mystical way. You may also want to make note of metaphors that compare love with beauty. When presenting the poems in your answer, you will want to include lines from the poem to support your response.

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