How does the U.S government use Manifest Destiny to expand the country?

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Obviously, it is important to know the meaning of and the history behind Manifest Destiny. The United States used Manifest Destiny as the purpose for the Louisiana Purchase, the Indian Removal Act, and the annexation of Texas. Manifest Destiny essentially became the political power to grow the country geographically. It is understood that the reasons for Manifest Destiny and territorial expansion throughout the 1800s came from the need to spread Christianity and democracy.

There are several major examples of how America used Manifest Destiny to grow the country geographically. The Louisiana Purchase essentially doubled the size of America and allowed for westward expansion. The idea behind this was to expand the size of the American republic. Another key religious example can be taken from Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act. Jackson felt as if he was the "Father" of the Native American people and it was his responsibility to convert them to Christianity. The result was the removal of thousands of Native Americans and geographic expansion for the United States.

The next example was the annexation of Texas. However, it is important to note that this expansion had the ulterior motive of increased slavery. During the first half of the 1800s, slavery became a major problem in the country. The South, therefore, favored Texas statehood and the expansion of slavery. Once again, this was done under the idea of Manifest Destiny.

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The notion of Manifest Destiny was created in the 1840's by an American journalist. It was the theory that the ultimate future of the United States was to control all of the lands from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. The theory was built on the notion of American exceptionalism and Christian theology. Theologically, it was a strong belief that God wanted Americans to have this land because they were better suited to take care of it and prosper. The theory had a very strong following in the American government, whether because of actual Christian beliefs, or the political expedience in promoting it.

The idea of Manifest Destiny would drive the expansion of American territory in the second half of the Nineteenth Century. This would include the acquisition of Oregon Territory, California, and the annexation of Mexican lands in the Southwest. The concept of Manifest Destiny also fueled American imperial excursions in the Caribbean in the early Twentieth Century.

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