If you were a farmer in 1792 Pennsylvania, how would the policies from the first four years of Washington's administration affect you?

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One issue for me would be that the government had imposed a tariff.  I would feel that this tariff was helping rich manufacturers by protecting them from competition.  At the same time, I would feel that it was hurting me by making the prices of manufactured goods go up.

But the biggest issue for me in this situation would be the fact that the new government was getting a good deal of its revenue from the excise taxes.  These taxes, and particularly the whiskey tax) would bother me a great deal.  There were no decent roads in these times and it would have been very difficult for me to get my grain to market as grain.  It is much easier to distill it down to alcohol because alcohol sells for a lot more for each unit of weight.  This means I could more easily move enough alcohol to help support my family.

I would have felt that the Federalists were creating policies that were meant to help the rich and which were hurting people like me.

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