How does Juan Gonzales explain the development differences between Latin America and the United States?

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Gonzales describes the uneven development of Latin America and the United States as an issue of exploitation and dominance.  Latin America has been viewed by the United States as a region that could be exploited for financial gain.  The United States has always viewed itself as superior to the Latino populations.  The Monroe Doctrine established a mindset that the countries to America's south were unfit to govern themselves and therefore needed the protection of the United States.  The exploitation of the resources and labor of Latin America has been a consistent theme since the period of independence. The United States has used its military in the region to subjugate Latino populations since the 1700's.  Examples of this interventionist lean are seen in the Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, and a variety of Central Intelligence Agency operations to undermine the sovereignty of Latin American nations.  This paternal relationship that the United States has fostered in the Americas has led to the uneven development between the nations.  

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