How does a constructivist idea of change differ from liberal or realist ideas?

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Constructivism, liberalism, and realism are all frameworks with which international relations theorists strive to help people understand and interact with each other. Through the lens of each, one is able to more effectively engage with the world by gaining insight into the driving forces behind policy decisions. To answer this question, first provide a brief introduction to international relations theory. Next, define constructivism, liberalism, and realism. Clearly identify where each fits within the the spectrum of approaches to international relations theory. Discuss how each views the idea of change, and provide examples.

Since your question clearly distinguishes between a constructivist perspective in relation to liberal or realist perspectives, the majority of your work should focus on providing a thorough analysis of a constructivist perspective. Once you have provided ample background information about constructivism, discuss how it concerns the idea of change. Offer an argument for how a constructivist viewpoint would approach change. Identify examples that support your argument. Next, briefly discuss how a liberalist viewpoint and a realist viewpoint would each approach change. Then compare the constructivist argument about change to the liberalist viewpoint about change. Finally, compare the constructive argument about change with the realist viewpoint about change. Be sure to properly cite all of your sources.

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