How does the US manage resources and what is their impact on humans?

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The United States has an array of human and natural resources for them to manage. There’s coal mines, oil, forests, and more. They also have the largest military and healthcare budgets in the world. While coal and oil give US citizens cheap energy, they also harm their environment and health. As for the extraordinary military and healthcare resources, it might be hard to argue that these are managed in a way that benefits a majority of Americans.

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The United States has many resources, both natural and human, for them to manage.

Let's look at two of their natural resources.

There is lots of coal in the United States, particularity in states close to the Appalachians. Of course, coal mining is quite risky. Coal dust is toxic, and it can catch fire and explode easily. You might have heard about the coal mine in West Virginia that exploded in 2006.

The US's management of coal gives Americans a cheap source of energy. However, it could also be said that the lack of management—or loose oversight—has had an adverse impact on its citizens.

Last year, the US government relaxed rules concerning coal ash. Each year, coal plants produce around 110 million tons of coal ash. The ash contains arsenic, radium, and other elements that pose a great risk to the air Americans breathe, the water they drink, and their overall health.

Oil, too, is a resource found in the United States. As with coal, oil is managed to provide American with a source of energy, but the mismanagement poses a grave risk to Americans and their health. Oil pipelines leak and contaminate water supplies and land. Also, oil spills devastate environments and harm the people whose livelihoods require clean environments.

You might also want to look into how United States manages all of its military resources, its financial resources, and its educational and medical resources. How much money is spent on the military as opposed to other areas? What impact does this have on its citizens and people across the globe?

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