How is the Harlem Renaissance connected to Chemistry?

Expert Answers

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The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement that started in the early 1920's and ended just as the Great Depression began. It was primarily associated with the performing arts and literature rather than the sciences so there aren't really any direct links between the two.

Some of the leading intellectual figures who are associated with this movement had a background in the sciences, but most of these connections relate to scientific fields other than chemistry.

One very famous chemist who was active during this time period was George Washington Carver. He is best known for his work with peanuts, which he found 325 different uses for. Much of his research was also completed during the early 1900’s which could account for your associating chemistry with the Harlem Renaissance. However, the majority of Carver’s work revolved around the re-mineralization of soils and was done in Alabama, not New York.

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