How did the Spanish influence the 1860s knife design?

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Spain has long been known as a country that produces fine quality edged weapons. In the mid-1860’s they perfected a long, locking utility knife, which became the blade of choice in much of Western Europe for the next 50 years.

The Spanish had been using long-bladed folding knives since the 1600’s. Although you asked specifically about the 1860’s, Spain’s most notable improvement to edged weapons came in the early 1800’s. During this time period, Spain developed a way to attach a steel spring to the locking mechanism of the knife. This improvement allowed for a more secure fixed blade for fighting and work. The knife became very popular with the guerrillos who fought against the French when Napoleon invaded in 1808. The knife remained popular with peasants and lower-class workers until the 1900’s.     

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