How did the labor movement impact the American political system?

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The labor movement impacted our political system. Labor unions have generally supported the Democratic Party since the start of the New Deal in the 1930s. They have supported Democratic candidates in elections at the state and national levels. This gave them some clout with the Democratic Party. This clout still is important today as unions tend to support candidates from the Democratic Party.

The Democrats have generally supported pro-worker laws. They have supported raising the minimum wage and allowing for collective bargaining between unions and management. Through collective bargaining, workers were able to increase their pay and improve their benefits. They also were able to improve their working conditions.

When labor unions were at their peak levels of membership, there was a decrease in income inequality between the rich and the poor. The standard of living of workers had increased. As unions recently lost some of their power, these trends have been reversed.

Unions also helped impact the participation rates of workers in elections. Union members were more likely to vote in elections. Unions and their members were more likely to take a stand on important issues that they faced.

The labor movement has had an impact on our political system.

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