What were the positive and negative consequences of foreign relations and territorial expansion for a new republic?

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Foreign relations and territorial expansion had positive and negative consequences for the United States. There were issues with other countries affecting the United States immediately after we became independent. Great Britain and Spain encouraged the Native Americans to attack us. Great Britain and Spain also interfered with our trade. Additionally, Great Britain wouldn’t leave the forts in the West. Since we didn’t have a strong enough or a big enough army to deal with these issues, military action would have been an unwise course of action. Because these events were having negative effects on us, we had to do something about them.

When Washington was President, he negotiated treaties with Great Britain and with Spain to resolve these issues. Jay’s Treaty was negotiated with Great Britain while Pinckney’s Treaty was negotiated with Spain. Jay’s Treaty resulted in Great Britain agreeing to leave the forts in the West. We also were allowed to do some trading in the West Indies. With Pinckney’s Treaty, we were able to use the Mississippi River and store products at New Orleans. The agreement also established the border with Spanish Florida. These agreements sent a message that we wouldn’t let other countries push us around.

The acquiring of territory also had positive and negative effects for our country. By acquiring territory, we were able to expand our country. When we bought the Louisiana Purchase from France, we doubled the size of our country. Unfortunately, acquiring territory also led to some problems. The Native Americans didn’t trust us and were attacking Americans as they moved to the West. This eventually led to some conflicts with the Native Americans. As a result of the Battle of Fallen Timbers, we were able to defeat the Native Americans who then had to give up land and move west.

There were positive and negative effects of our relations with other countries and with territorial expansion. Through skillful leadership, delicate negotiations, and some fighting, we were able to send a message that, as a new country, we would not be pushed around by other nations.

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