How did Caesar rise to power in Rome and what position did he attain?

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Your question may refer to two people. First, it may refer to Gaius Julius Caesar, who lived from 100BCE to 44BCE. During his lifetime, Julius Caesar was a great military general and Roman Statesman. Caesar had numerous victories in the Gallic Wars and was the first Roman general to invade Britain. In 49BCE, Caesar had gained a lot of popularity that threatened the existing powers of the Senate, and he was ordered to step down as a military commander. In an act of defiance, he lead an armed legion into Rome and attacked. He was victorious in the resulting Civil War and assumed control of the government. Through his power, he was appointed dictator and began a program of reform. Not everyone was happy with the changes he made, and he was assassinated in 44BCE. 

Your question may also refer to Augustus, sometimes called Augustus Caesar. He was the adopted heir of Julius Caesar, and was granted lifelong supreme military command by the Senate. Upon ascending to the dictatorship, he began to call himself Princeps Civitatis, or "First Citizen of the State," rather than using monarchical titles like his predecessors. 

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