What was the headline and lead paragraph about Ivan III's standoff with Mongol forces at the Ugra River?

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One possible headline could be "The Battle that Never Was." Often called The Battle of the Ugra, Ivan III’s standoff with Mongol forces in 1480 was not actually a battle, as no blood was shed. At the time, the Golden Horde, a mix of Turkish and Mongol people from the western part of the Mongol empire, was losing its grip on controlling the realm’s vast reaches of territory. As a result, Ivan III of Moscow began to break his region away from the Mongol leadership. In retaliation, the Golden Horde’s khan, Akhmet, marched his army to the Ugra River, about 150 miles southwest of Moscow, and waited for assistance from his Lithuanian allies. Ivan’s army was stationed on the other side of the river, prepared to fight. But the Lithuanians never arrived. When message came to Akhmet that allies of Ivan had raided his base camp, he retreated, and so did the Muscovites, without any confrontation ever taking place. Although it was an “easy win” for Ivan’s army, the Muscovites were later prone to telling tall, bragging tales about their massive victory against the Mongols and subsequent liberation from the empire’s regime.

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