Have you taken challenging basic American history quizzes?

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There are some quizzes on this site that I have written. These are tests/quizzes that I used to give my students. They are broken into five question segments. These tests/quizzes cover the main ideas for the topic indicated on the test or quiz. Feel free to look at them to get an idea of how to answer these questions. They may even cover the same topic or topics you are studying.

When taking an American history test, you hopefully are given a study guide by your teacher. Be sure to know the information that is on the study guide. It is very likely much if not all of that information will be on the test. If you have an essay or short answer section, try to look for the main themes or ideas covered by the question. Be sure to support your points with solid evidence and facts. Spread your studying over several nights. Avoid trying to study it all the night before the test or quiz. The more review you do, the more you will remember and learn the information.

For true/false questions, be careful of any questions that use the words always or never. Those questions are usually answered as false. Also, be sure to read the question completely. Go with your first instinct if you have any doubt about the answer. Don’t overthink the question. If you have any doubt about what the teacher is asking or about what the question is requiring, be sure to ask for clarification.

Go look on your tests and quizzes.

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