Analyze the ideological perspective reflected in the source about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and discuss the principles of nationalism mentioned.

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki are often used as a shorthand term for war crimes. That is not how they were judged at the time. Our side did terrible things to avoid a more terrible outcome. The bomb was a deliverance for American troops, for prisoners and slave labourers, for those dying of hunger and maltreatment throughout the Japanese empire - and for Japan itself. One of Japan's highest wartime officials, Kido Koichi, later testified that in his view the August surrender prevented 20 million Japanese casualties."

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It seems clear that what you are looking at here is a source that presents the American perspective, as it is attempting to justify the bombing of two major Japanese cities and the loss of so many innocent Japanese lives. One way that you can tell is that the source makes the argument, that killing over 100,000 Japanese people saved many more from starvation and having to live in terrible circumstances. The source also states that the bomb was a "deliverance" for the American troops, indicating again that it is not from a Japanese perspective. Without statistics to back this up, it is nothing but guesswork. The source further uses a quote from a surviving Japanese official, a man whose country had just  lost the war, a man who had been a part of one of the most amazing and confusing times in Japanese history, when the Emperor himself, a man who was kept apart from his people, went on the radio to announce the surrender.

Your source is clearly prejudiced toward the American cause, and you would probably need to consider looking at some other sources if you want a more balanced view of that time in history.

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