How effective was the Progressive movement in altering the urban environment?

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On the whole, one could say that the changes made to the urban environment made by the Progressive movement were very effective.

Thanks to the Progressives, life in the United States became less corrupt and more efficient. Their powerful focus on combating political corruption led to the professionalization of the civil service and the end of the spoils system, which had awarded government jobs to cronies and political hacks.

However, at the local level, big city corruption continued, with the power of the notorious party machines as deeply entrenched as ever. It wouldn't be until many years after the heyday of the Progressive movement that the problem of municipal corruption was finally tackled head-on.

Even so, the Progressives greatly improved the quality of the urban environment through their endeavors. It was largely due to their tireless efforts that employees were able to enjoy better working conditions and that consumers' rights were addressed for the first time. Public school education also improved as a result of campaigns by the Progressives.

Serious problems still remained, but there is no doubt that without the hard work and tenacity of the Progressives, the American urban environment would have been much less livable had it not been for their efforts.

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