What impact did electricity and the light bulb have on people's lives?

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The invention of electricity and the light bulb had a tremendous impact on our lives. Before electricity existed, people had to work much harder. Humans had to provide much of the power or manual labor to get jobs successfully completed. With the rise of electricity, electric powered machines could do some of the work that humans used to do. The vacuum cleaner and the washing machine are some of these machines.   Factories also began to use more electric powered machines. Electricity also made it easier to communicate, as both the telegraph and the telephone relied on the use of electricity.

The light bulb, of course, also depends on upon electricity. With the light bulb, people could have a well-lit environment regardless of whether it was daytime or nighttime. It made it easier for people to read. It also made it easier for people to perform work-related tasks and to study. People didn’t have to depend on candles or kerosene lamps in order to be able to see.

In today’s world, we couldn’t imagine what life would be like without electricity or the light bulb. Almost everything we do, from logging in to this website, to watching television, and to cooking our meals, depends on electricity. We depend on light to see our computer screens and to make our homes brighter.

These two inventions have been very important to our lives.

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