What are some details about the Bishops' Wars?

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The Bishops' Wars were two military wars in the history of Britain that occurred in the years 1639 and 1640 between King Charles I of England and the Scots. King Charles wanted to make political changes in the Church of Scotland, particularly the enforcement of governance by Bishops (or Episcopacy), which was not received well by the Scots who were in favor of Presbyterianism that was governance without the Bishops (Hence the name, Bishops' Wars!). As a result of this disagreement, an intense revolt by the Scots happened. But because of insufficient funding and lack of military troops, King Charles accepted Scottish demands over the governance of their church and the first Bishops War settled with a treaty by Pacification of Berwick. Soon after this, however, King Charles raised arms and money for fighting against the Scots (Bishops' War II). But the second attempt proved futile for King Charles again and the war ended with a negotiation.

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