Describe the effects of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on ordinary Americans.

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The Constitution and the Bill of Rights affected ordinary Americans. The Constitution established a stronger federal government. The federal government had more power under the Constitution than it did under the Articles of Confederation. Under the Constitution, it was clear that the federal government was in charge. The federal government was the only entity that could print money. The federal government would maintain order in our country as seen by the actions it took to end the Whiskey Rebellion. The federal government now had the power levy taxes. The power of the federal government increased under the Constitution.

The Bill of Rights affected the people because it guaranteed that the people had certain rights. Our people didn’t have to live in fear that government would take away our basic rights such as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and freedom of religion. The point of adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution was to make it clear that our people had certain rights that the government must protect and honor.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights had a significant impact on the American people.

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