What are some important facts about World War II?

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World War II was the largest, most expensive, and bloodiest conflict in human history. It was fought with state of the art machinery and required a total war effort on the part of all of the antagonists. Science, industry, and the media were all brought under the power of the state to put toward the war effort, and each of the nations involved spent unheard-of sums of money. The human cost of the war was enormous. More than any other war, it was actually and deliberately waged against the civilian populations of the nations involved. German bombings killed an estimated 60,000 British civilians during the course of the war, and Allied bombings of German cities also killed thousands, including more than 30,000 in one attack on Dresden alone. 600,000 German civilians were killed by Allied bombings during the course of the war, including 120,000 children. The Holocaust, of course, claimed 6 million victims, and millions more died in the German invasion of the Soviet Union, and the Japanese invasion and occupation of China. Overall, the war took the lives of 50 to 60 million people around the world.

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