What issues did the Revolution and the Constitution resolve between 1775 and 1800?

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Although both the Revolution and the writing of the Constitution were, of course, of major importance to the United States, the Constitution resolved many more issues than the Revolution did.  Let us see why this is so.

The Revolution really was not able to resolve very many issues.  The only issue that it did resolve was the issue of whether the colonies would be independent from Great Britain.  It did not resolve the issue of which groups within American society would be in power.  It did not resolve the issue of what the US government would look like.  It was really just a change at the top of government, not an event that would allow a whole new system to be created.

By contrast, the Constitution did bring a whole new system into being.  The Constitution resolved many issues.  (Though these resolutions were not 100% final.)  It resolved the issue of how much power the states would have relative to the national government.  It resolved the issue of what the US government would look like.  It resolved the issue of which groups in American society would be in power by removing a great deal of power from the people and making the US into more of an indirect democracy.   This gave the elites more power and took some power away from the masses.

As for the last part of your question, I am not sure that the Constitution “anticipated” future tensions and conflicts so much as it created them.  The framers put women and people of color outside the American political community.  By doing so, they temporarily resolved these issues in a way that reflected the attitudes of the time.  However, they created a system that implied that all people should enjoy equality.  This inconsistency would eventually lead these excluded groups to push for the rights that they were initially denied.

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