What types of transportation were available in developed countries in the 1990s?

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The 1990s were not so long ago that the forms of transport were any different than they are now.  Things in the 1990s were very much the same as they are now in this regard.

In all countries of the developed world, there were four main types of transport in the 1990s, just as there are now.  Two of these forms of transport were terrestrial while the others were not.  On the ground, there are trains and automobiles.  Both of these kinds of ground transport are capable of carrying both passengers and goods.  They are very important because they are the most economical way of moving goods from place to place in inland areas.

In addition to these forms of ground transport, there are watercraft (ships and barges) and airplanes.  Airplanes are the fastest form of transport and are relatively economical for passengers.  However, only the highest-value cargo can economically go by air.  Ships are the most economical way of carrying bulk goods.  Of course, they are only able to go in places where there is water.  This limits their usefulness within a country, but they are the best way to carry large cargos.

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