The Hilton Head Executive Stamina Program Summary

Peter M. Miller

The Hilton Head Executive Stamina Program

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Clinical psychologist Peter M. Miller spent his early professional career concentrating on habit control and self-management. In 1977, he combined theory with practice and founded the Hilton Head Health Institute--an educational center specializing in health promotion, habit change, and weight control. In this work, Miller combines his years of research with case studies selected from the numerous individuals who passed through his program and makes his regime available to those without the time or the funds to visit his institute.

He begins by identifying the factors that create executive fatigue and then offers a prescriptive diet and a series of light physical and mental exercises designed to rest the body, relieve stress, and rekindle energy reserves. Utilizing diagrams and careful instructions, Miller outlines the recommended exercises and warns of the dangers connected with improper procedures. He then presents a complete guide to what the busy executive should consume to maintain a desired weight, as well as sustain the stamina necessary for a corporate existence. Miller describes his dietary recommendations in detail and offers scientific evidence to support his choices. He is careful to distinguish between the differing nutritional requirements of men and women.

Unlike many such plans, this program is formulated to allow people to keep themselves physically fit and stress-free within the context of the life-style they elected to pursue. The executive stamina program is formulated in such a way as to allow its adoption with minimal disruption to the practitioner’s personal and professional routine. This is important, inasmuch as Miller’s plan does not promise instantaneous results with a minor investment in time or effort--rather, it is a lifelong commitment. Still, he does try to make compliance as painless as possible--insisting that most people will be unaware that the regime is in effect. This is particularly important to those who wish to acquire the cherished “edge” that will secure the crucial contract or obtain the desired promotion.