(Great Characters in Literature)

John Jorrocks

John Jorrocks, “the Cockney Squire,” a wealthy London grocer turned sportsman who buys Hillingdon Hall. He wholeheartedly takes part in the community life. He wins election to Parliament against a marquis and leaves Pigg in charge of Hillingdon Hall when he returns to London for sessions of Parliament.

Julia Jorrocks

Julia Jorrocks, his wife, who, as patroness of the local school, forces the girls to wear flashy, tasteless uniforms.

Mr. Westbury

Mr. Westbury, the former owner of Hillingdon Hall.

Joshua Sneakington

Joshua Sneakington, called Sneak, the manager of Jorrocks’ estate until jailed for cheating his master.

James Pigg

James Pigg, the new manager.

The Duke of Donkeyton

The Duke of Donkeyton, who wants Jorrocks’ political help. He invites the family to dinner and appoints Jorrocks a magistrate.

The Marquis of Bray

The Marquis of Bray, the duke’s effeminate son, who finds Emma attractive. He cooperates with Jorrocks in an agricultural society and runs for Parliament.

Bill Bowker

Bill Bowker, who runs against Bray for Parliament until bought off by the duke. The farmers then put up Jorrocks to replace him, and Jorrocks wins the election by two votes.

Emma Flather

Emma Flather, a country girl in search of a husband.

Mrs. Flather

Mrs. Flather, her mother.

James Blake

James Blake, Emma’s favorite until she can do better.

Mrs. Trotter

Mrs. Trotter, the neighborhood gossip.